About this program

This service is designed to support you as you complete post-secondary courses through distance education or online learning. You will get a dedicated work space and access to a computer to do research, word processing or submit Internet assignments. You will also have access to a scanner, photocopier and fax machine. Our certified (B.Ed., Microsoft Office Specialist) teachers are available to support you and provide guidance as needed.

This program is for you if…

You require minimal assistance and supervision, but need a dedicated learning environment to stay focused and on-task while completing your post-secondary courses. You should have access to a computer outside of your time here also.

How it works

Our certified (B.Ed., Microsoft Office Specialist) teachers support and guide you within your independent studies as necessary to help ensure your academic success.


Students are allotted 10 hours per week to use our facilities and access our teachers within regular school hours. Dedicated computer time can’t be guaranteed; however, access to computer facilities will be given when available. Students arrange a set schedule with the campus manager.

Take the Next Step


Our students get results with our skill-based training, whether they are transitioning to post-secondary education, returning to work or simply developing new skills that improve the quality of their lives.