Foundational Computer Skills for ESL Students

Foundational Computer Skills For ESL Students

About this program

Learn basic computer hardware and operating systems and practice proper keyboarding through this program. You will learn how to use a computer for everyday tasks and you will develop your typing ability.

This program is for you if…

You are an ESL speaker who needs to develop basic computer skills for your career or for your daily life.

How it works

Our certified (B.Ed., TESL, Microsoft Office Specialist) teachers lead you through practical experiences, including hands-on computer training and instruction in proper keyboarding techniques. Your learning will be reinforced through practical readings and workbook exercises.


Our specialized training programs can be customized to fit your schedule and timelines. Please contact your local CTMC campus for more information.


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New to keyboarding? Keyboarding instruction can be added to any computer training program.

Voice Activated Software training can also be added to any computer training program.

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Our students get results with our skill-based training, whether they are transitioning to post-secondary education, returning to work or simply developing new skills that improve the quality of their lives.