Academic Upgrading

Our Academic Upgrading program consists of six components and is delivered by certified (B.Ed., TESL, Microsoft Office Specialist) teachers. Their professional training allows them to create and follow detailed lesson plans; instruct, assess and report on student progress; and teach credit courses. With a thorough understanding of both the theory and practice of teaching, learning styles, the Ontario curriculum and Essential Skills, our teachers are an integral part of your success.

  1. Academic and Essential Skills assessment: All our programs begin with comprehensive assessments that allow us to design a customized upgrading program based on your current level of performance, your strengths and your opportunities for growth.
  2. Program outline vision: This document details the entire program, including Canadian Adult Achievement Test dates, materials needed, instructional strategies and monthly outlines.
  3. Learning System: Within our Learning System, our students achieve better outcomes and are more engaged in their programs, accountable for their success and independent in their approach to learning.
  4. Standardized testing: We pride ourselves on the use of standardized tests throughout your program to monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Essential Skills assignments and practical exercises
  6. Communication: We provide comprehensive monthly reports to you and your consultant, outlining concepts and skills acquired and areas for improvement.

Essential Skills

At CTMC, our number one priority is to help our students achieve their learning goals and be ready for their goal career. To fully prepare you for the workplace, we believe that your program must be focused on the skills you will need in your new career. This is why Essential Skills training is part of all of our programs.

What are Essential Skills?

Essential Skills are the basic abilities used to carry out everyday life and work tasks, and they are required to succeed in any job. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada initiated the Essential Skills Research Project to link labour market success to a set of teachable, transferable and measurable skills.

How do Essential Skills help me?

Our top priority is helping you find employment in your target field. Integrating Essential Skills into your training prepares you to enter the workforce and succeed in your new career path, and gives you an advantage over other candidates when applying for jobs.


Our specialized training programs can be customized to fit your schedule and timelines. Please contact your local CTMC campus for more information.

For those who require additional help or support, our academic upgrading and training services can be done on a 1:1 basis.


Our students get results with our skill-based training, whether they are transitioning to post-secondary education, returning to work or simply developing new skills that improve the quality of their lives.